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Under Construction
Family Conference/Retreat

At the 1st Annual Strengthening family conference retreat we are not just going to warn you about the unsafe conditions of your foundation but give you the correct tools to use in tearing down and rebuilding your foundation based on the blueprint that God created.

None of us have reached that place of full maturity, but recognize that we are Christians still under construction. We never allow statements such as “That’s the way I am” as a statement of excuse. Rather, it’s the beginning of change.

Join us as we surrender our contractor's license and be filled with a weekend of instructions that will assist us in building an unshakable foundation in the Lord. Put on your hard hat and let’s get to work!

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Under Construction Family Conference/Retreat
  • Negative Words Create An Attitude of Worry What are you doing when you worry? You are paying interest today on tomorrow’s troubles.
  • What Is Joy ? How does such an expression of joyfulness bolster your inner spirit and peace? 'JOY' is of the Fruits of Spirit ( Gal.5: 22)
  • Family Caregiver

    A Family Caregiver cares for spouses, parents, siblings and children.
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Break The Cycle

Know Your Trait Status.
Winning The Battles

Having Sickle Cell Trait (SCT) means that a person carries a single gene for Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) and can pass this gene along to their children.

5k Walk/Run

Premier Running Event
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Join us on Saturday, September 3rd for a great morning of fun, health, community, personal achievement, and friendly competition!

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Winning the Battles In Your Mind, Inc. is creating a nationwide initiative to help the families feel at ease when going through an uneasy time in their lives.
“Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning.”
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Winning the Battles in Your Mind, Inc.

  • 2666 Bethany Church Road
    Snelville, GA 30039
  • (770) 309-3655
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