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Aretha Cleveland, Founder

Aretha Cleveland, Founder

Established by Life Coach, Aretha Cleveland in August 2008, "Winning the Battles in Your Mind" was founded to teach others how to discover their purpose and realize their dreams. As Aretha journeys through life, God provided her with the necessary principles to live her own life to the fullest. The transition to inspiring others has meant dealing with personal tragedies, but also embracing personal triumphs by using God's inspired principles. Aretha teaches those principles in her inspirational seminars so others can unleash their hidden potential and live the lives they were born to live and win the battle that's in their mind.

Sharing The Journey

Aretha has been given a mandate from God to share her journey through Empowerment Seminars titled, "Winning the Battles in our Mind." She has been anointed and equipped to share God's word of Jesus Christ to the lost and people of God as they learn to walk whole and holy in their predestined purpose and destiny.

Aretha Cleveland, Game Changer

A True Woman of Excellence

Aretha believes that God has charged her to go out and help others take back what has been taken from them; their joy, peace, love, families and their desire to live life more abundantly. She knows that this vision will be manifested in the natural through constant prayer, obedience and listening to God.
Change The Game - Win YOUR Battle

Win Your Battle

Aretha works with organizations who want to create change within daily challenges, personal endeavors, family strength and business growth. Through Winning The Battles, individuals who may be resistant to change, learn how to become open for growth and success.
Win YOUR battle today!

Aretha Cleveland, Game Changer

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