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This series is not a lesson, but a living. It is not limited by seasons or situations. Words that may guide. instruct, and inspire take time to bear fruit "The Courage to Sit in God's Waiting Room" is relative to the individuals who are enduring. Grief and anguish are emotions sometimes so deep and searing, often bearing the question, '' ....for God's sake, why? " I am sixty-one years old, parent of three, grandfather of six, with over a hundred years of collective paternal experience. I have mourned and still do, my Father (murdered, unsolved ), my Mother ( complications of Dementia ), my late wife of 36 years, died in my arms from a massive heart attack. But I have never lost a child. My firstborn son was nearly mauled to death by an attack dog, and as I held his torn and bloodied body, it was all I could do, to wait on his doctors and surgery. There, I found my faith, hope, and courage to wait on God, as I would counsel and console others. But I have never lost a child. My twin brother suffered congestive heart failure in another state, and all I could do was wait for a call that told me he was stable and recovering. But I have never lost a child. But I am so close to so many that have. When they call for me, I pray, console and council. And wait.

  • Coping. To cope, simply means to struggle or contend, successfully ( Webster's II ).
  • Can one define/describe a life-threatening condition?
  • Debilitating illness from birth, or birth-defect.
  • An infectious contracted sickness.
  • An injury by accident.

For a Father to witness his own flesh and blood, his seed, hospitalized, bed-ridden, suffering or in a state of painless respite. For a Mother, who bore her child to term, a woman, who's nature is to nurture with patience and love, and longsuffering, to bear the pain of her child. To rally the heart with healing hope through the power of prayer. Storing knowledge of illnesses and remedies to ease physical pain and discomfort, learning to touch with the skill and tenderness of a Doctor or Nurse, to dispense accurate dosages of medicine. To smile and read, and whisper, and caress in ad with care. Coping brings a sense of heightened hope of healing, recovery, and restoration. It is a mental, emotional, struggle indeed, as trust in physicians and medicines and therapy grows. It must be so as to God, for we are His creation. And so, He is our Source for our living and our very being. He brings the peace of mind that does not deny conditions, but acceptance of what has happened, what could be, what will be. Yes, awareness AND acceptance, which is the initial sense of courage, and where faith and patience bears fruit from hope.

So many illustrations to illustrate ' The Courage to Sit in God's Waiting Room, ' all of which accepts what is and what will be, and that through it all, God is in control. You are not alone, the Lord has not missed you. I cannot over emphasize the relief and release granted through the Word of God, and through prayer. We are here to bring you a sense of such. That's a step in winning this battle within the heart/mind. Clouds of anguish are dissolved from the breath of life in scripture. There is comfort and fellowship through the presence of God. And there is faith, that believes Him, and in Him.

I would have you read Matthew 11:28-30, and bask in the light of His presence. And we cope with you.

Gary Bennett Freeman, Minister
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